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Highlights of Dr. Ambedkar Symposium Vancouver

(The report published by Indo Canadian Voice)

THE purpose of the Dr. Ambedkar International Symposium on Emancipation and Equality Day Celebrations was to rethink, re-strategize and rebrand the struggle and pathways for accomplishing emancipation. Delegates and panel members were fully engaged and impactful in stimulating discussion and formulating strategies and actions.

The symposium opened on April 21 with a session on contemporary Buddhism, as envisioned by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar and prescribed in his monumental book, Buddha and His Dhamma. The session was moderated by Dr. Jessica Main, Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia. Panel members included Bhante Dr. Saranpala, H.L. Virdee, Raj Kumar Osho, and Dr. Rajratana Ambedkar. Dr. Main was introduced by Manjit Bains, Chair of Chetna’s Women Empowerment Committee.

The day concluded with a session on how India’s legal framework enables emancipation. The session was moderated by advocate Lovleen Gill and the panel comprised Indian Consul General Manish, Neetu Badhan-Smith, Los Angeles County Court Supreme Judge, and Leela Aheer, Alberta MLA.

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